A Children’s Book for Red

I’ve yet to find a Children’s Book that captures the sentiment I want to convey to my girls about hardship and resilience. An honest story. So I wrote them a Children’s Book.

It’s written from Big Sister’s perspective. Would love to find an illustrator to storyboard.



When my sister was born, she came with a Dragon.

Not a Butterfly, Unicorn or even Red Wagon.

Doctors said it was odd, as rare as can be.

Most kids they had Kittens and Panda’s, even Chimpanzees.

But Scarlett’s pet Dragon, he grew and he grew.

He got angry and scary, for fire he blew.

Other kids, ran outside, they’d skip and they’d play.

Poor Scarlett was inside, where Dragon made her stay.

Some days she was sad but gave a good fight.

Dragon was bigger; he was my sister’s Dark Knight.

Scarlett knew there were other children just like her.

They had Dinosaurs, Sharks and Creatures with fur.

These kids carried more; they had lots on their plate.

But no matter, however, these kids made life great.

Spending time with a Dragon, it made her quiet strong.

She was courageous, inspiring; Scarlett the Brave was her song.

I wished very hard that she came with a Clydesdale instead.

Then we could gallop, have races and never stay in bed.

Birthdays and holidays, sometimes passed us by.

I was mad at this Dragon, he made us all cry.

So I thought really hard, I thought all through the night.

Then I knew my sweet sister, what would make things just right.

I rallied our friends and our family together.

We knew just what to do to make you feel better.

Something magical happens when everyone’s side-by-side:

All the love, it heaps inward and makes Dragon go hide.

It’s called HOPE, my sweet sister and it’s always right here.

I promise we’ll find it, despite all our fear.

What makes us brave my wee sister, what gets us through …

Is the Love and the Prayers and all the Well-Wishes too.


Jan portrait sisters


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